Auroracoworking v Murski Soboti

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V Murski Soboti se je odprl nov coworking prostor.


What is Aurora Coworking?

You could think of Aurora Coworking as a business community, a place where to meet your customers or parters, a learning center, a place where to work or even a place where to present your products and services. At Aurora Coworking you'll find all the infrastructure, connections and inspiration you need to grow your business. Although our Coworking space has a phisical location in Murska Sobota, Slovenia, our community extends beyond borders.

Why to become a member?

We like to think that a good reason is the fact that belonging to a community of likeminded people can open the doors of business growth. But we have learned from our members that each one has a different reason. Here some of them: Because working all the week from home gets boring; because I feel the need to talk with others; because the space is always in good shape... and my home office is a mess; Because sharing ideas, helps me getting better ones.

Is it Coworking a replacement for office rental?

In the case of Aurora Coworking space, we would say it is designed for casual use and not as a full time office. If your business is growing and you need your team to have a place where to meet, or work for a few hours a day, then Aurora Coworking is ideal. We understand that today the majority of us can work from anywhere therefore Aurora Coworking is designed to encourage that.

Is Coworking just a fashion that will disappear?

Coworking is in fashion, but it isn't a fashion. We believe it is an evolving trend that solves multiple modern challenges an takes advantages of current technologies.

More and more individuals decide to startup their own business, they find that technology allows them to work and and reach people easily anywhere. Soon they start discovering the importance of social networks because they provide possible customers, providers, sponsors and of course customers. A Coworking space becomes a business platform for them. We don't know the future of Coworking, but we can say with confidence that it can only evolve.